Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ignore Your Hair, Let It Go, and Watch It Grow

Ignore your hair, let it go, and watch it grow. This should seriously be something of consideration for folks who want their hair to grow longer because it is true.

It seems like as soon as I stopped stressing about and with my hair it started to blossom and truly show me the beginnings of its potential.

Basically what I do now a days to my hear is a simple regimen of saturation my entire hair in a handful of Yes to Carrots Conditioner and adding two dollops of Butter Ghee. Brushing my hair with my trusty Denman brush, and then braiding (nice, neat braid)a chunck of my hair in front, the sides, and the back, in a chunky braid, almost like a french braid.

I rock this style for a week or two and then deep condition my hair with any of the Indian powders such as Neem, Brahmi,Indigo(whenever I can spare the change), or my concoction of Banana and Molasses (which is currently on my head as I type).

It's a hands off style and frames my face just the way I like it. It's a cute style that I can rock anywhere. I've actually gone to a couple of interviews with my hair in these braids. Very versatile, and neat, and most importantly, It's A Get Up and Go Hairstyle. Whenever I unravel the braids at the end of a week or two it always seems like my hair grew at least an inch or two!

This post was inspired by after I read her post on what women with long hair(natural or otherwise) do, and completely agreed with everyone of the points.