Saturday, April 2, 2011

One Big Con: The Itch

One con of this crochet hair deal: the itch from hell.

My journey into the world of fake hair continues and will probably stay that way for a long while because I want my length back. Volume, I have aplenty but I'm length starved.

My crochet braided hair is still going strong only because I found a cure for The Itch. Four days into my crocheted hair and my scalp was not having it. It was an itch that I cannot describe, like a gazillion lice eggs were dumped on my scalp and they all spontaneously began to hatch at the same time. Even describing it right now makes my scalp itch.

Anyhoo, I couldn't take it anymore so I mixed some cups of vinegar with water and poured it over my head, then I stuck my head under the spout and turned the water on full force...All I can say is, it was almost like experience nirvana...ecstasy like no other.

Then I stumbled upon...Peppermint oil - my saving grace. I added it into my already made oil along with whatever else was in their. For my scalp, it was like biting into a york peppermint know that sensation of icy-cool that your taste buds get when you bite into one, well imagine that feeling on my scalp!

In between oil applications, which is pretty much nightly, I apply my ready made vinegar+water mixture. Spray it into a paper towel or cotton ball and gently rub it on my scalp.

These tips have been the saving grace for my scalp with this crochet braids. If not, 4 days later, I'd have pulled out the scissors and chopped off all the hard work I'd accomplished just 4 days before. I'd have been a shame. Thank God for the inspiration.