Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Magnesium Chloride Oil.....Experimentation Still In Progress

I have found yet another all natural product that I will be singing its praises once I find out how to use it properly. My mother actually introduced me to this product because of its plethora of health benefits for the skin. It makes it glow, soft and supple. Also, if you have any aches you can rub some on the area and it relieves it.

Anyhoo, knowing me and my curious butt I decided to go online and do a little digging to see what Magnesium Chloride can do for my HAIR (who cares about the skin...lol). Lo and behold, a whole heckofalot. The biggest thing that I actually saw was that it reverses grey hair back to its natural color, after repeated use, of course.

And it's true, it does revert it back because at the tender age of 22, I had a couple of grey hairs on the sides of my hair. When I say a couple I literally mean a couple. I had 1 grey hair on each side of my hair. I know it weird but I'm not surprised because pre-mature grey hair runs in my family.
Plus I'm pretty much weird by nature so I just chalked it up to yet another one of my weirdness.

I noticed three really ginormous benefits from using Magnesium Chloride Oil. One is that it Enlongates, Holds, and Softens.

On enlongation, I usually hate styling my hair right after I wash it because it shrinks like no mans business. If you looked at my hair right when I get out the shower without combing or brushing it out all you'd see was a bunch of tiny coils that looked like an inch long at most. Which is a big lie because my hair is growing like a weed and is somewhere around chin length if I were to pull it out.

When I spray Magnesium Chloride Oil on it and brush it out the length of my hair is quickly restored and you can see the definition a lot more. I always mix conditioner with anything that has to do with my hair when I first step out of the shower so I am sure that this also helps a lot to elongate it.

The second biggest benefit I noticed while using Magnesium Chloride Oil in my hair is that any style I do has definition, holds and stays in place. I understand how this works to a certain extent because the mixture is nothing but salt and water. And I've experimented with sea salt (but dries out the hair like nothing else) enough in the past to know that it does give hair a lot of hold and definition, of course, water definitely gives my hair a lot of hold but no definition.

The third biggest thing I noticed is that it softens my hair a whole heckofalot. Like I already mentioned, I usually mix conditioner with the Magnesium Chloride Oil so I'm sure the combination of both help to make my hair uber soft. I mostly notice the softness when I first put it on my hair and when I'm washing my hair out.
My hair feels ridiculously silky and soft when I'm washing it out and that's before I do the co-wash. So, I don't have any problems with tangles or any of that mess.

Ok. I just named the top three benefits now here comes the down side. There's only one huge downside to Magnesium Chloride Oil for my hair and its the salt residue that it leaves behind once my hair is dry (I usually notice it the next day). Pure Craziness. Granted, I tend to be heavy handed when it comes to products and rightly so because my hair is too thick for just a couple of sprays.

Anyway, I tried to combat the residue with my trusty Butter Ghee but it doesn't get rid of it all. What I did stumble on yesterday was my left-over bottle of Khoret Amen Leave-in Conditioner from Carol's Daughter. I wanted to put in some rods for spiral curls so I noticed that I still had the Leave-in conditioner (just sitting there feeling lonely and abandoned from my neglect) and I sprayed it on my hair and rolled the rods on it. I took out the rods this morning and to my pleasant surprise the residue was gone. So, you can bet that I'm gona try this mixture again on my entire head and see if it was just a fluke or if it really works.

Another downside of Magnesium Chloride Oil is that if you use too much (like I tend to do with everything that has to do with my hair) your hair gets too oily especially if you mix it with another oil.

My experimentation with Magnesium Chloride Oil is definitely still in progress and won't be fully added unto my trusty list of products until I can get rid of the salt residue it leaves behind on my hair when its dried. Overall, I am a fan because Magnesium Chloride Oil makes my hair styles last longer than one day! I am a fan of any natural product that does this and more.


Proven said...

magnesium oilhas a lo of health benefits and cures every muscle and joint pain that you have.

Anonymous said...

Please buy some NAGARI which is used in the making of tofu. Buy the nagari and make your own 'oil', put in a spayer spritzer bottle for a fraction of the price!