Monday, November 23, 2009

Coco Swiss: A Reason Why Shaving My Head Wouldn't Be So Bad After All

She went from rocking a mighty afro to a close crop and here's her reason:

Cutting My Good Hair
The reason I decided to cut my big natural hair is because after I seen Chris Rocks movie Good Hair, I realized how far black women are really willing to go to get what society and main stream media has dubbed as Good Hair. Hair should be used as an accessory, to enhance who you are not to define who we are. I want to make a loud bold statement to my African American women and say its time we redefine what beauty is. If I have a big beautiful head of coily curls or a short bald head, I'm still a queen. We spend ridiculous amounts of money and time on something that's not going to help our kids, there future or our culture. Why are we doing this, so that others will be comfortable around us and to fit into what is considered normal? All of our hair is Good Hair. We have to most unique hair on the face or this earth. Learn it and embrace it and others will have to do the same. I AM NOT MY HAIR!
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The point: Whether you're rocking a fro or sporting a close crop, Natural hair is beautiful hair. Say It Loud and Wear It Proud!!!!

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