Sunday, May 9, 2010

Liquid Keratin is a NO GO

I'm going to start by saying that I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that kinky-coily hair is THE MOST FRAGILE HAIR ON THE FACE OF THE UNIVERSE!!!
It may look so tough and strong like a brillo pad but it is as weak and fragile as a spiders web.

I flat-ironed my hair last weekend as planned and used the liquid keratin because I thought adding it would protect my hair from the heat. I think it did the opposite.
Don't know exactly what went wrong but I'm sure it was a combination of all the products that I used that did my hair in, Heat Damage like no other.

I mixed the liquid keratin with another product--maybe I shouldn't have done that. I used another product to blow-dry my hair out--maybe I shouldn't have done that. I used the old school flat iron, the kind that's made out of steel and you have to put into a hot stov--maybe I shouldn't have done that either.

There's definitely a lot of variables in this equation as you can tell, so I guess I can't exactly blame the liquid keratin entirely. I think I'm going to leave the job of flat-ironing my hair to the pros for a while, get the secret ingredients from them, then start doing it myself.

Thank God I know about moisture, moisture, moistured. That's all I've been giving my hair since I washed it out. I spray my concoction of aloe vera gel, safflower oil, water, and magnesium oil on it every night and tie a plastic bag or shower cap on it then tie a scarf on top of that. I think this method actually has an official name called "baggying" or something, I call it deep conditioning for 8hrs. And my hair loves it because it gets Moisture, Moisture, Moisture, which is essential for my kinky-coily!


Keratin said...

how cute are you! love it. and thanks for sharing!

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

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