Sunday, December 26, 2010

Roller-Set Attempt (1)

From now on I am a Nazarene. No razor shall touch this hair until it gets to the length that I want it to be and its a long ways from there...And, nope, I'm not afraid of split-ends:

1) because I'm not directly applying heat to it anymore
2) because I use vinegar + oil...all kinds...mixed together (which is what I refer to as my 'vinegar combination')

Anyhoo, thats not what I was going to right about. I going to write about my failed attempt at roller-setting my hair using KCCC. I'm thinking back to my natural hair journey and I actually don't think I have ever did a roller-set on my hair.

I've braided it and then put it on rollers. I've also twisted it and put it on rollers but I have actually never done it straight without manipulation until yesterday. Maybe its because I just discovered butterfly clips to actually hold the rollers in place.

Anyway, for whatever reason, I'm just trying it now...back to my failed attempt explanation.
It didn't fail in the sense that it didn't keep the shape (I air dried by sleeping in the rollers), it failed because of residue!!!

I had all these little white clumps of gel in my hair and it would not get out until I washed my hair. Which KCCC is notorious for if you don't use conditioner before slapping it on your head or oil in addition to slapping it on your head.
So, I suspect it was what I left out: Conditioner before slapping KCCC on, like the instructions say
or what I didn't put it: Oil of some kind to melt the KCCC while its still wet.

I tried again today and using my vinegar combination and
Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie...Which btw is going to be a staple in my hair regime. My hair loves it like crazy and it definitely lives up to its name where Moisture's concerned. Thats $9.99 well spent!

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