Monday, May 30, 2011

Growth: The Verdict is In

The weave lasted almost 2 months. It was looking a tad tired and rageddy so it had to be gone. As for my hair underneath, the result is still a mystery in mind.

When I was unraveling my cornrows my hair was nice and soft which I attributed to my alternate days of oiling my scalp and the periodic washing of my entire head in those 2 months. But it didn't look like it grew any. It just looked like it looked before I braided it.

Then when I washed my hair, it was super-super-super coily. Like it went back to its original state for real. I'm talking coils straight from the mother land. My hair shrunk so much after I washed it, got me thinking maybe I lost hair instead of getting some.

But while I was combing sections of it with a rat tail comb so I could braid it and start the process all over again, it did look a tad longer.

So, the conclusion is .....idk. Maybe it takes a bit longer than 2 months to see an apparent growth in length. I'll just have to wait and see the result after this new one I just put in.

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Kay said...

i find using a measuring tape to measure how much inches of growth is much helpful. hair grows generally at a rate of half an inch per you should be 1 inch longer! :-)