Saturday, December 27, 2008

Honey I Luv!

HONEY! yes, HOney! 100% raw honey to be precise, might be the key to my hair's future; alongside with Kinky-Curly Curling Custard, of course.
Ok, here's what I did:
~I didn't wash my hair or anything, which already had some KCCC
~I took a couple of drops of raw unto my fingers, slid it on a small section of my hair (should have added water for some moisture, I didn't do it initially, but I highly reccomend it to cut throught the stickiness)
~Next, I slid on a pinch size of KCCC on top of the honey, and twisted the section in a two strand twist.
~I repeated the same process for my whole head
~Sat under the hooded dryer for 15 minutes or so.
~Left the twists and let the rest air dry
~Slapped on a scarf on my head and went to bed
~ Woke up the next morning, unraveled the twists, which held very nicely, and misted my hair with plain H2O!
~ The result, no matting, which my hair is famous for.
The style holds very well, Less Shrinkage!, More Length, Way More Shine! Shine! Shine!
The stickiness can be cut with water, which is the only thing that I spray on every morning.
When I say spray, I mean, that I lightly mist my hair with H2O. It is not soaking wet, I repeat, Not soaking wet; just enough to revive the Shape & Shine!
It's been 3 days now, and my style is still intact! No need for re-twisting because the style holds very well! I cannot stress this enough, the style holds (My hair is not matted - as much, slightly, but not much) and I don't have to re-twist my hair every single night like I have done in the previous months.
Raw Honey (It's better because it's not refined - has all the minerals and goodies still intact) and Kinky Curly Curling Custard, a winning combo!
I will update with the process of how long the style lasts.

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