Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Leaving It to the Pros

Since I made such a mess of trying to flat-iron my hair by myself I decided $50 is money well spent on getting my hair straight without breakage, so I headed to the hair shop. The lady that straightened my hair is actually a natural herself, dreads and all.

She did a good job obviously because she is working with good products. She showed me one of the products she used but the only one I'm seriously interested in is the one she used to blow-dry my hair because whatever she used let her comb through my hair like it was butter!

Of course she trimmed it because it badly needed to be trimmed from the damage that I inflicted on it. It's silky smooth in all its jet black glory and I keep it from loosing its "oomph" by doing the pin-curl method before I go to sleep, and of course wearing a scarf.

Thank God, I remember the pin-curl method from years of researching natural hair and how to keep it curly...the pin-curl method definitely works best on straight, wavy, or slightly curly hair. Basically hair that doesn't have a lot of density.

I plan on going back to the hair shop next month for two main reasons: 1)To trim my hair again because it still needs a bit more of the damaged parts to be removed, and of course cutting it always makes it grow faster. 2)To get the trade secret of what she used to blow-dry it so easily.

I also use 100% organic extra virgin coconut oil on the edges of my hairline before I put the scarf on it for two reasons: 1) I want to keep my hairline healthy and not breaking off, thinned out, or damaged in any way. 2)To get the little hairs on the edges to lie down smooth.

Just a dab goes a long way and does the trick. Oh! and to keep the entire hair looking shiny daily. I use a dime size drop of my trusty Organic Jojoba oil, rub it all over my hands, and brush my hands through my hair. Voila! Mega-shine like no other. Gotta love these natural beauty wonders this earth has to offer!!!!!!!

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