Thursday, October 21, 2010

Saran Wrap Review Again

Got my hair flat-ironed professionally on Saturday and tried the saran wrap method on it on Wednesday and I don't think I liked it.
I feel like it took the bounce out of my hair and left it limp. My hair is usually voluminous when I get it straightened. Lots of volume and shine. Anyway the saran wrap didn't add anything it actually took away.

But I suspect, that its really good if you do it after a roller set. So, I'll probably try that in a couple of weeks.

BTW: My hairdresser still refuses to tell me what products she's using on my hair, which is starting to get really annoying 1.)because its my hair and I have the right to know what the heck you're putting on it and 2.)that's an insecure and childish way to act.

My goal is to go through the rest of this year and all of next year without flat ironing my hair.


Blessing said...

Gal in this day and still cant get your hair dresser to tell ya what you are using on your u really have to go to her? You have all the rights to know what goes onto your head in case you get some allergic reactions.

Smply Swt said...

I kno...the reason I go to her is bcuz she doenst hav a nasty attitude compared to the rest of the people I've been to.
I.E. The one I went to b4 her just flat out tried to convince me to put a relaxer in my hair
Anyway this one won't be seeing me for a good long while.