Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vinegar Vinegar....All a girl needs for soft hair

Once again, I'm singing the praises of this everyday household item that people take for granted. I;m talking about your regular average distilled vinegar. I've taking it step further by using it as a leave-in spray. I figured it works so well to rinse my hair with then why don't I just leave it in.

So, I put it in a spray bottle about 2wks ago, sprayed it on my hair and styled with curlformers. Absolute softness, less porosity (sp?, all around shine and manageability, and 80-90% less shrinkage guaranteed. Bet your bottom dollar that no product on the market can claim these results without toxic chemical ingredients.

Lets just say. I found a new staple for life. Its cheap. Its quick. Its safe. Its amazing. Well what else can I say but...try it for yourself.


model liberation said...
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model liberation said...

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So about the vinegar: My question is... how's the smell?

Smply Swt said...

To Nikia, the smell dissipates really quickly. I'd probably say like 1-5 minutes. Especially if you use a fragrant oil or another product afterwards.
But really, once it hits your 'hair' and the 'air,' the smell is gone.