Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My new Love!

I swear my hair has grown some inches because of this product, and probably because I've stopped torturing it. I swear I had my "Haha" moment that day I wrote the blog about comparing my hair to e'rybody else n' their mama! Lol.

But seriously I love Yes To Carrots Hair and Scalp Mud Mask. It's a deep conditioner for not only the hair but the scalp itself. It penetrates and defines my coils without weighing it down. Which is a miracle as of itself.

The directions say to leave it on for 12 minutes but no siree bob, I use it as a styling agent, as I do with all other conditioners. Plus Yes To Carrots Hair and Scalp Mud Mask feels so weightless that I don't even notice it. Except for when I feel how soft and fluffy my hair is!

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