Friday, July 3, 2009

I Say "Yes To Carrots!" Do You?

Yes To Carrots Hair and Scalp Mud Mask

Where do I begin with my new found fave product? I can start by saying it is one of the best deep conditioners I have ever used in the history of my hair's lifetime on earth, and, of course, the best part for me is that it is all natural ingredients, plus a percentage of the proceeds goes to a country close to my heart - Israel.

I honestly don't know how to describe it and I could go on and on singing its praises but then I would write entirely too much and end up boring folk out their minds. Seriously you guys, my next acquisition is going to be a camera.

But, here's a link to the website. Another great thing about the product is that you can buy it anywhere. Walgreeens, CVS, target, e.t.c. and its relatively inexpensive, works wonders. Your hair will thank you and you will thank Goodness for a product that leaves your hair feeling so soft, fluffy, and amazingly clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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