Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saran Wrap and Garnier Products

The resolution on this camera sucks...I'm taking it back....and will invest in a more expensive one later on....until then...I'll keep writing.

Anyhoo...the products were from Ganier Fructis. I used the Pomade and the Putty. It looks good when my hair is wet/moist but when it dries....my hair gets really dry and frizzy. When I use them in combination with my oil mixture, esp. magnesium oil...my hair gets soft but becomes really sticky to the touch. Well, thats where my curiosity led me...the putty is not bad...it actually reminds me of KCCC when I put it on wet/moist hair but...its too drying.

So, I usually do my bantu knots at nite and tie a plastic bag over my hair, go to sleep, wake-up and unravel. But in between the unraveling, the biggest step is untwisting the the knots, don't touch or fluff or anything...because it'll just turn frizzy, wait for it to air-dry for a while, and then, unravel, fluff, and manipulate.

I usually skip over that part in my description but it is actually the longest part and most crucial part of getting the curly-look, otherwise, I just end up with the frizzy look, like I have today.

Anyway, I say all that to say my hair thoroughly craves moisture. Its not a luxury, its a necessity. I found that out in the past couple of days where I have not been putting the plastic bag over my head to sleep. What have I been doing? glad you asked.

I ran across something on youtube called the silk-wrap for natural hair. I was so thoroughly fascinated by it of course, I decided to try it out on my own hair with the bantu-knots. The method calls for about 15-30 minutes of saran wrap on your head and going under a hair dryer or a heat cap, remove the saran wrap, and put a regular scarf on your hair to sleep. Anyhoo, the first day I tried it was okay because I used magnesium oil with the garnier putty and those two always make for a sticky combination so my hair wasn't thoroughly dried out.

The second time I tried it, which was last night, I used the pomade by garnier and some left over flax seed gel by Aveda. I was hoping the silk-wrap method would cut out the time I have to wait for my hair to air-dry (and keep me from looking like a crazy person at the gas station because I literally will leave my hair sticking in all which direction until I get to the parking lot at work and then fluff it out) but in the end my hair ended up being frizzy.

I've also noticed this before too when I started doing bantu-knots, I would just dry my hair regular under the hair dryer, even on low heat, it would come out dry and frizzy. This all leads me to the point I had mentioned in the first place. My hair needs moisture, moisture, moisture. It needs to be in a moist environment for a considerable length of time in order for me to see any positive results.
Moisture is not a luxury for this hair in its natural state, its a necessity.

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