Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Amnesia Cont'd

Yes. My hair did get amnesia. I've always heard of this weird phenomenon from other naturals but it's never happened to me until now. This strange thing happens when the product combination that you've always used on your hair suddenly no longer gives you the stylying results that you have come to expect.

The combination that I've used for the past 6 months or even longer to achieve my gorgeous bantu-knot outs has always been Aveda Flaxseed Strong Hold Gel (even though I did a early review where I gave it an ifinite thumbs down, that was before I learned how to use it) and my conconction of water+safflower oil+whatever else I poured in the container. And its always worked!

Until I discovered my vinegar concoction, then I took about 2 wks off from bantu-knot outs. Now that I want to go back I'm not getting the results I want at all. So, I went back to Aveda to purchase the Conflixor gel which is supposed to be another strong hold type of gel.

I have tried it with one combination but I wasn't too excited about the results either. My next plan is to purchase Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie, which I have heard many good things about, and use it along with the Conflixor gel to hopeful achieve the bantu-knot out results that I'm used to.

We shall see.

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