Monday, February 9, 2009

Deep Condish

I did it backwards...oops! I haven't deep condintioned my hair in a hot minute so its no wonder that I did it backwards. "You're supposed to wash the hair first," is what I said to myself after I realized that I just washed out the egg yolk & safflower combo. Its OK, I'm sure it was still effective.

My deep condition process was:
3 egg yolks
small tea cup full of safflower oil
Blended together
Slapped on my hair
Put on shower cap
Put on heat cap over shower cap
Turn on High
Leave in 30-45 minutes

It's simple enough to do every week or every other week, so I like and need to keep doing it to strengthen my hair because split ends are a no-no.

On another note, I ran out of coconut oil! I'm pretty much amazed at how quickly I used that big 'ol jar of coconut oil - Crazy! But no fear, I have just ordered another jar from this amazing company that sells countless oils and other natural products:
I definitely saw a whole bunch of other goodies that I would love to try, but, first thing first, coconut oil is essential for me.

The reason why I'm also raving about it so much is because it's making my hair softer, noticably softer, and it's cutting down the density. Now if you have extra coily hair you know a little about mass over volume. I swear my hair is really the true definition of DENSITY. I think it's the combination of coconut oil and heat, not direct heat, but the heat from the over-head dryer that I use mostly when I put curlformers in my hair.

I've noticed the softness a couple of times now, especially when I finish washing my hair, it's noticably Less dense. Usually when I wash my hair it comes out in all it's puffy glory, dries quickly, and dries hard. But it's been staying softer longer and just coming out less dense.

I will definitely keep a closer eye on my hair's behavior and write it here, especially, since I ordered Extra Virgin Coconut Oil this time! Never tried the extra virgin before, its supposed to be the purest of the pure, no additives, cold pressed and the maximum goodies you can get. I am very excited about it!

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