Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Natural Hair Star of the Month!

It's february and yes, it is that time again, to introduce another "natural hair star of the month - Karen!
When and why did you decide to go natural?
For as long as I could remember, I always loved the way that loc’s / dreadlocks looked on men and women. I was fascinated by how beautiful they looked. I could actually sense the amazing freedom that came from them just being themselves. I would always stop what I was doing if someone walked by with beautiful loc’s. Something about loc’s just made me want to know more about the whole experienc. But unfortunately, for the longest time, I ignored what turned out to be my love of natural hair.
I was so caught up in trying to fit into the mainstream ideal of beauty – which was long straight hair. So for years I spent so much money, time and energy on getting extensions and weaves. Enduring the pain of chemicals and glue being put into my hair and on my scalp. All to achieve a look that had nothing to do with who I was. I felt like I spent years trying to please others with what I thought was beautiful.About 4 and half years ago, I finally realized that I was not being true to myself or who I was as a person. I did not like how the weaves looked. I did not enjoy putting chemicals in my hair. And I did not feel beautiful. So I said enough is enough! I am going to finally do something about it, and go natural. And from that point on, I felt so empowered and in tune with who I was from inside and out. I no longer needed the fake hair or the chemicals to feel beautiful. My hair was and is beautiful all on its own.

Who does your hair mostly, i.e. hairdresser, aunty, yourself, e.t.c.
I maintain my own hair. Once or twice a year – I might treat myself and go get my hair done by my loctician.
What are your "IT" Hair Products?
Dark and Lovely Peppermint ShampooIC Liquid ConditionerOrganic Loc and Twist gelAfrican Pride OilSilk Scarf
Who is your natural hair inspiration?
There are a lot of people that inspire me. But a few that really stick out are: Bay Area artist Goapele. She use to have really beautiful loc’s (she cut them off recently). When I first started the locking process, her natural beauty really inspired me to continue even when I doubted myself. Another person that inspires me is model Wahidah Fowler. She has beautiful thick loc’s and she owns them! And I think it is wonderful to see a natural hair model who is both successful, but an amazing artist and person. So she continues to be a hair inspiration for me.
Words of Wisdom to natural hair folks or those considering it.
Embrace it! If you want to do it - go for it. Don’t let someone else tell you who you should be or how you should live your life. And if it seems hard at first, you are not alone. In the beginning it is going to be hard, but there is so much information and knowledge out there to guide you. And if you don’t have that encouragement in your own life to be natural, join a local group or search for groups online where natural hair is cherished and celebrated.


ma said...

Very inspirational story and you made a very good choice, your locs are beautiful

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