Saturday, February 21, 2009


Usually, I'm pretty happy-go-lucky about my hair and I like to think that I have patience when it come to my hair because the biggest ingredient you need to have concerning naturally textured hair is Patience.

My patience is actually wearing thin. When it comes to the puff, my hair is excellent. The puff is when you basically wear your hair up and tie a scarf or something around the crown. Don't get me wrong, it looks fantastically amazing and nice but I think I rocked this look for a good six months when I entered my natural hair journey, after this style I have still yet to find a style that frames my face well when my hair is down.

My twist do come out looking excellent when I use kinky curly curling custard but it doesn't totally combat shrinkage so my hair shrinks and looks shorter than it is and it doesn't frame my face the way I want it to when I leave it down.

My curly fro does come out looking cute but I don't necessarily wana rock that everyday either because I love variety. That's one of the main reasons why I went natural in the first place. I know it'll be cuter when it grows longer so the shrinkage won't be as drastic. I also that I seriously have to put the scissors away.

I am this close from investing in a really good flat iron, one of those expensive ones, and calling it a day. But I don't want to. (I just sounded like a big baby with that statement I just want my hair to grow by itself, without direct application of heat!

I am trying to keep hope alive but, I don't know. I have entirely too many people with straight hair around me so that doesn't really help. But I love my hair, I'm just very acutely aware of it's potential for greatness and I think that's why I'm frustrated because I know what it's capable of.

I hope this will be the only despressing post that I ever write, by the way.

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