Saturday, April 18, 2009

$60 Was Worth It!

I was at the hairdresser's chair at 9:00a.m. this morning just as promised. I think even she was surprised that I showed up because I asked her how she was going to charge for a natural hair blow-out and she said $45-50 (and why did I end up paying $60 in the end...thats how they trick you).

Anyway, at first she was intimidated because my hair is really thick and I still had some twist-outs left in there from the week, so she had me to comb it out. But I think she got a little bit more comfortable once she ran some water over it and it got softer (which is one of the favorite characteristics of my hair). Then she shampooed, and put in a deep conditioner and let it sit for about 5 minutes.

Then she was back to the challenge again because once my hair gets dry, it gets hard to control like no man's business. But anyway she applied some mystery *leave-in-conditioner and some oils* was the response she gave me when I asked her what she put in it because my hair felt a lot lighter when she started blow-drying.

At first she started blow-drying it with a comb attachment but it kept on falling out becuase my hair's so thick and then she used a paddle brush to do the rest. Then she went over the hair with a hot comb, no specific way, just to get the rest of the kinks out.

Then, she flat ironed it, trimmed it (which she charged an extra $5 for) and then she styled it with the flat iron and used some gloss and some other mystery spray. Basically I couldn't pry out any information out of her to tell me the name of the products she used.

But she did a heck of a job because it came out crazy smooth and shiny like it used back in my relaxer days. Heck, even she was proud of herself at the end because while she was blow-drying she made the comment that my hair was going to be her challenge for the day, and I'm sure it was. But at the end, even she was admiring her handiwork.

So, the essence of the story is it came out very nice but do I want to pay $60 every month or every other month for my hair. Actually, it would only be $50 because I had her clean my eyebrows (which should've been free because all she did was go over it with a razor but she charged me $5 for it).

It sounds like a lot of heat, but actually it wasn't because she didn't let the heat get too hot on any of things, and she was quick with the heat too. Didn't let it just sit there and turn into toast. So, she knew her stuff but what really made the difference were the mystery products that she used which I will try to find out again the next time I go there. I do know that she used a glosser by Design.

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