Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bantu-Knot Out with My New Trusty Friend

I've been rocking my bantu-knot twist out since monday and its still holding up on wednesday night thanks to Sally's Generic Paul Mitchell Straightening Gel. I know, I know, you would love to see the pics, and I would love to take the pics. but until that day comes take my word for it that it came out nice.

My hair is short and I when I un-raveled it it basically came out wavy, live finger waves...remember finger waves back in the day. press the link and you can see it.

Oh yea, two weeks ago I did make an appointment with this hairdresser who claims to be able to do a good blow-out on natural hair because I got bored and wanted to see my hair looking different. The appointment is on saturday morning and her price is kinda steep so we shall see if her claim holds up or not. Of course I'll be sure to document the outcome.

Oh another thing, before I did my bantu-knot twists I conditioned my hair with:
1 whole banana
a quater of a coconut milk can
3-5 spoons of molasses
Pureed all these ingredients in a blender and slapped it on my head
Let it sit on there for about two hours without a shower cap or anything
rinsed out with water and proceeded with the bantu-knot styling

I've concoted this in my head for a long time but never got around to doing it. I will definitely make it a priority to do this as often as I can. My ultimate goal is every week but I know that I get lazy especially if the hairstyle I'm rocking still looks good and all I have to do is get up and go, like with my current style.

But I definitely like this conditioner. It made my hair feel strong and silky at the same time, which I think is a weird combo but I liked it.

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