Monday, April 6, 2009

Spiral Rods vs. Curlformers

I used spiral rods on most of my hair and used a few curl-formers in the middle section of my hair. To give the curls some hold, I used the Salerm plis technico spray left over from my hair straightening trial.

The curls came out cute but kind of rough, not as defined as if I had used curlformers for my whole head. The beauty of curlformers if you have really coily hair that's prone to frizz is that, with the correct holding product, the curlformers gives you defined spiral curls with the most minimum frizz or virtually none, at least for the first day.

But spiral rods are good for getting the ends of hair to curl. I think I'm going to stick with curlformers though. I just have to break down and get some new ones because most of the ones I have are missing their rubber tips. Someone else needs to give curlformers some competition and make stronger and last longer - the only improvement that needs to be made is basically the rubber tips need to be a lot toughter. I still have to complain to the company

I think I'll get some next week at Sally's and also pick up another Generic Paul Mitchell product that I've been eye balling, I forgot the name of it but its supposed to give maximum hold which is exactly what I need, for these curls to last longer than 2 days!


Anonymous said...

Nice blog! My only complaint- no pictures! Where are the pics? It's almost useless without pics.

Smply Swt said...

I know I need to join the 21st century and get a digital camera so folk can see what the heck I'm talking about. I hear loud and clear.
I think I'll get one for a graduation gift in May!