Monday, April 27, 2009

Rods and Straws = Good Combo.

I'm not really a fan of straight, this has been the case ever since I could remember, even in my relaxer days. I was one of those black girls with really long jet black hair that everybody used to ask "who does your hair?" my answer, "my mother" because she did.

But I don't think I saw what everybody else saw. Yea, it was nice but it was just there, sitting on my head, hanging straight down, not doing anything. It was boring. I remember one day, I sprayed it with water and spent and hour or more scrunching it with my hands so I could get some waves or curls or something. It looked nice when it was wet but when it got dry, "hunny chil'" it looked like "who dun it and why"

That's actually the main reason I grew my hair out natural. To have some texture, shape, wave, curl, coil, something, anything but straight. Now, I'm reaping the rewards of my labor for sure.

I love the flexibility that my hair has. I rocked it straight for a week, thanks to the hairdresser that hooked it up for me. But of course, I got bored because of the reasons already stated above.

So, I took advantage of the flexibility it has because its still nice and straight and CONTROLABLE, and added some curls. I first curled it with my trusty curlformers and was dissapointed, it didn't turn out too nice.

Then I used some perm rods and straws, regular ol' straws that you'd get anywhere. Voila! a nice mixture of small spiral curls and large spiral curls. It looks so cute.
I won't lie though it took me about an hour to get the rods and straws in but it was so worth it.

I love, love, love it. I love the fact that its a variation of small and big spirals. Its a really good mix. I used a holding spray from DESIGN and then sprayed water all over my head. More like a mist, not enough to revert the hair back, but enough to make sure that the curls hold.

I'm really and truly enjoying the versatility of my hair. I feel like I am slowly but surely arriving in a good place with my hair. And I'm loving get up and go hair!
I promise that I will start adding pics of my hair in May! Now that i've said that, it means I really have to do it, so I help me God!!

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