Thursday, January 13, 2011

Castor Oil: A Revelation

Why aint nobody tell me bout this before?!?!......Lol/J.K. I've actually known about Castor oil ever since I started transitioning into natural hair but I have never experienced it before. For whatever reason I just never paid it no mind. For the life of me I don't know why I wasn't interested.

I kept coming across it time after time where naturals would rave about it, that along with Shea butter seems to be the two biggies in coily hair world. I gave shea butter a try once upon a time but I wasn't impressed so I stopped. Now Shea Moisture - the brand- is something else altogether (once again they get a plug from me).

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I was just browsing online and came across several postings on castor oil. So, I decided, you know what, lemme go ahead and give this here castor oil a try. Boy, am I glad I Did! My hair absolutely took to it like glue on paper, white on rice, peanut butter on jelly, chocolate on...everything....cuz chocalate just plain tastes good on everything.

But I had no idea that it had such a thick consistency, which is a good thing. Its kinda weird because its thick but it doesn't weigh my hair down like a glob or something. Its an oil but it doesn't have that greasy-oily feel. It gives my hair sheen, gloss, and my coily-curls just pop like no-man's-business. Also, it looks like it enhances my hair color as well. My hair looks as raven-jet-black as it wana be....Fabulous!

And lets not even talk about what happened when I put it on my ever-constant-always-dry and ashen legs, especially in this winter time. It totally quenched my always-thirsty skin. When I say quenched, I mean, Quenched, Honey! Like, I slap it on my skin on Monday and don't have to re-apply until Friday, type of quench.

Have I found yet another staple in my arsenal, you ask, Thats a definite YES!

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