Friday, January 21, 2011

Hugo Everyday Naturals Mango & Pomegranate Conditioner: A Review

Mango & Pomegranate Conditioner....sounds fantabulous, doesn't it?! Well, its as thick and rich and moisture-laden like the name suggests. Found this little treasure while walking down the aisle of my local Kroger's -- the organic aisle. It was on sale for about $8.99. Not bad.

I wouldn't really call myself a PJ - product junkie -- more like a conditioner (and once upon a time, gel) junkie. Conditioners are pretty much all I purchase at the store to use on my hair these days. Everything else comes from my kitchen cupboard. So, when I see a conditioner that strikes my fancy, I buy it.

This Mango & Pomegranate conditioner is rich, and thick, and lovely. Leaves your hair feeling soft and nourished. So, it's especially good for naturals with thick coily hair like myself. Its also one of those conditioners that's not only great for a co-wash but for styling as well. Which is great because many naturals use conditioners to style their hair. I used it for my signature bantu knot-outs and it came out just fine.

Of course, what makes it even more excellent is that its all NATURAL. Get this -- the first ingredient is *Comfrey root extract* this is the first conditioner I've ever picked up whose first ingredient isn't water....comfrey root. Don't even know what the heck it is or what it does just sounds like natural goodness!

The only questionable sounding ingredient is *Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride* Its number 7 on the ingredient list. Its saving grace is that its farther down on the list. But everything else is honest-to-goodness natural extracts of something-or-another. I don't feel like writing down all the ingredient list unless somebody requests that I do so.

Try it. You'll like it!

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