Saturday, January 29, 2011

Out with the Denman in with the Boar

So I washed my hair as planned and of course the whole process took forever as usual. Nehoo, a nagging thought has been in the very back of my mind for a really long time, a suspicious feeling that the denman brush I have been using is doing more harm than good to my hair.

Especially the ends of my hair. I already said I'm not going to put scissors to my hair no matter how split the ends are but I got this sneaking feeling that I've been contributing to the split-ends unknowingly.

The irony of this is when I had relaxed hair, I didn't even dare use a plastic brush for my strands because I knew they caused major split-ends. I used mainly boar brushes and wide-tooth combs. That was all.

So why am I torturing my hair now that it's in its natural state? I realized this was foolish and took the Denman that I'd used for probably 2 years now, and put it in the trash. Scoured the cabinets that still held all the brushes and combs from my relaxer days and took the round boar brush to use for my hair.

Worked just fine. Brushed my coily strands smoothly and gently after my hair was dried. This is actually convenient because I don't rock wash and go's anymore so there's less of a worry about having to brush sopping wet hair.

I'm happy. I did 2 very good things for my strands today; a thorough washing and a gentle brushing.
Just a lil' love and tenderness is all that's necessary for these coily-coils!

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