Friday, January 7, 2011

Intentions for Inventions

New Year brings hair sanity, I hope... I've pretty much got my formula down pat so I'm looking forward to a year filled with healthy luscious hair with no bad hair days...Lofty goal but I'm sure its possible.

I took me three solid years to figure out What my hair needed, When it needed it, and How it needed it...3 solid years--- that's 36 months, 156 weeks, 1,095 days and...I don't even wana calculate the rest.....most of that time was spent more in painful frustration than excited celebration!!!

So, I got to thinking, how about making all that time worth while for me and countless of other coily heads out there so they don't have to be as frustrated as I was. Let the product research begin - and in the process, I'm tipping my hat to any and all natural hair products that are currently on the market whether good or bad - the process to get your stuff on the shelves Aint No Joke!

But, let the fun begin - I love a good challenge!!!!

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