Saturday, January 10, 2009

Something New

So I think I'm gonna leave the curlformers alone for a while, not because it doesn't work but because the curls aren't really lasting longer than a day.

I currently have my hair in a nice braid out right now. I put a pound (exaggerating) of coconut oil on my hair, wet it a lot and then put KCC on it, for hold, and then single braided it into several sections.

After that, I put the braids on rollers and sat under the hooded dryer for 30 min. It came out mucho cuto and shiny of course due to the coconut oil, but I don't think I like the second day result so much, which is usually the case with my hair; I hardly like the second day result.

I plan on re-braiding it tonight without any oil or water, just using kinky curly curling custard, hopefully this will give it more hold so it can last for more than a day.

The thing that most people don't know, or that people don't tell, when you're going natural is that, the work is constant; especially if you're wanting it to have some sort of curl pattern or wave pattern as oppossed to frizz. You usually have to do something: braid, twist, roll, something, in order for you to achieve a polished curl or wave pattern. Unless you usually wear a wash and go which I used to do for the longest time but it's too cold for that mess plus I wanna try something new.

So I'll braid it again tonight with KCCC and see how long it lasts.

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marie said...

love you blog! would like to be in touch.