Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yes We Versatile!!!

I just looked at the group, natural hair, on facebook, as I usually do before I write this blog because it always inspires me! and it did again tonite. There's this lady on there who posted like 20 pics. of her hair on there and everyone of it looked so gorgeous, pretty and Versatile!

I mean, her little gallery was basically a testament and an example to all the people in the world who use the excuse of non-versatility (if that's a word) for not wanting to deal with natural hair.

They say it's because it really doesn't style well, or because it's stubborn or whatever but she seriously just convinced me totally tonite that these reasons are nothing but lame excuses! And these excuses are used by both black and white people!

But this is no longer a valid excuse because there is a plethora of products out there in the market today; that are natural, synthetic, or a mixture of both! You Do Not Need To Burn Your Scalp With Something That Is More Caustic Than Battery Acid!

I really didn't mean to get on my little pedal stool there because I usually don't, but man! Wake Up People! I mean really! Shake Off The Conformity and Own Your Own Beauty!

I'm going to ask this young lady if I can have permission to post her pics on my blog because people have to see the reason why I'm ranting and raving like a lunatic. I mean, she totally inspired me tonite (yes, inspiration does come in the most unexpected places!)

This isn't really what I was initially planning to write about tonight, but I am so happy that I did.

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