Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wat! Chris Rock is coming out w/ a movie called "Good Hair"

Rock interviews women who undergo hair-relaxing treatments with chemicals
that burn their scalps and others who pay thousands of dollars for hair weaves.
Along the way, he trades witty, insightful observations with such figures as
Maya Angelou, the Rev. Al Sharpton, actresses Raven-Symone and Tracie Thoms, and
singers Eve and Ice-T.
Long talks candidly in the film about her own perms and weaves, but in the
interview with Rock, she also speaks hopefully about how Obama, his wife and
their two daughters can help blacks overcome the cultural inferiority complex
that prompts them to change their hair.

"I thought, wow, this would make a great movie, but that was like 15 years
ago, and no one was making funny documentaries 15 years ago," Rock said in an
interview Tuesday alongside Nia Long, one of many actresses and other
celebrities Rock interviews in the film.
"So you cut to now, and I have
daughters, and I'm really dealing with them and their hair a lot, and my friends
have daughters, and we talk about our daughters' hair issues. I kind of saw
where to go at it, and now people are making funny documentaries," he

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