Thursday, March 5, 2009

Its Spring....Well Not Officially

This post has a bit to do with hair but more with nature.
It's spring time...well actually its officially spring on sunday but this is the first time in a long time that the weather's been in the 5o's!

I definitely had to celebrate it today so I put on my short-sleeved, canary yellow, cotton shirt that I got from Old Navy like 2mths. ago, in anticipation for a day like this!

Even my hair is behaving springy-ish. It's doing this soft fluffy wavy but of course, true not its nature, mucho frizz, thing. I likes it a lot. I actually didn't do much to my hair last night 'cuz I didn't feel like it and I wanted to see what it would look like this morning, from yesterday's bantu-knot twist-out - which has been my staple night routine as of recently.

The only thing I did last night was re-bantu-knot the front and sides of my hair.
First: I sprayed it with my Apple Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt mix (there's something about this mix that makes my hair softer...must research further)
Then: I did the bantu-knots on the front and sides of my hair (because those regions are more prone to frizz on my head)

Woke up and unraveled the bantu-knot twists by dipping my fingers slightly into some white palm oil/palm oil shortening that I rarely use because I think other oils are better, but it got the job done. It gave me some shine and loosened the curls a bit.

A warm sunny day after 20 degrees and below weather, a cute little canary yellow cotton shirt, and hair that's actually looking kinda cute - in a Lazzaie Fairre, Que Cera Cera kinda way, What more can a girl ask for!

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