Sunday, March 15, 2009

Va Va Volume....a la Curlformers

Since my hair was already straightened and since I don't appreciate straight hair that just sits on my head and does nothing. I decided to add me some curls! with the help of my, sometimes trusty, curlformers.

Well, they got the job done, and they did it well.

First I doused my hair and scalp with Jojoba oil
Then I applied coconut oil onto every section I was going to curl
Then, when all the curlformers were in place, I sprayed my hair with some
Salerm Brushing Plis Technico, or whatever it's called.
Its the same spray I used to flat iron my hair
Then I dried the hair, even though it wasn't wet but, this is the only way to keep the curls in place. So, I dried it under my trusty hooded-dryer for about 45min.

Left the curlformers in, tied a scarf over the whole shabang
Woke up in the morning and Voila, nothing but volume, honey!
My hair came out wavy and voluminous, and I love it. But, of course, the real challenge is, how long will it last.

But I won't be too dissappointed if it doesn't last long because I want to try the same exact steps with Bantu-knots instead of curl-formers. I actually think the Bantu-knots will give more defined volume, as opposed to a loose volume, like curlformers. I also think the Bantu-knots will last longer than the curlformers.

I might as well enjoy and experiment with this straightened hair for as long as it lasts.

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